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Rachael Kennedy

Lead Spray Tan Technician

Certified Spray Tan Specialist As a beach baby growing up on the Texas Coastal Bend, she spent lazy days working on the perfect tan only to discover that those days of basking in baby oil had taken a toll on her skin. After becoming an esthtician and working on her own sun damage, as well as many of her client's sun related skin issues, she knew there had to be a better way to get a golden tan with out the damage. The first time Rachael picked up a spray gun, she knew her life had changed and a new passion had been ignited, taking her career in a new direction.


Mattie Cecil

Spray Tan Technician

This Dallas native is also an incredibly gifted artist who attended art school in Seattle. She returned to Texas to settle in Austin to enjoy the art and music scene while working in the top spas in Austin as an esthetician and spray tan technician.

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